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Do you want to enter our program but you live in the South, the Capital, Barahona or far from the Eastern Zone of the country?

Our office is located in Higuey and San Pedro de Macorís, and many people call us every day who want to enter the program, but they live far away from our City. WE OFFER YOU THE SOLUTION !!!



-All the supplements will be sent to the Post office in your city, or at the door of your house.


-Program of completely personalized diets for each type of metabolism, with medical assistance, and nutritional


- You are given a password to enter our virtual office, you will attend in the comfort of your home, at the time that suits you best.


-Your appointments and follow-up will be LIVE, with your Nutritionist and Nutritional Assistant, each week to give you support and guide you through the process until you reach your goal.


-Alta and all the tricks to no longer be on a diet, and enjoy a delicious ice cream, pizza or pasta, without regaining weight.


- Weight-free maintenance program FOR LIFE, (consists of a quarterly check, in which we help you reduce if you have uploaded some books, so we will keep the patient with the high weight.) Thus we guarantee your maintenance, this without cost FOREVER)


Price of the package, including shipping, One single payment of: 635 dollars (30,000 Dominican pesos approximately through Paypal)





Benefit only to the patient subscribed with this paypal button, it is given the facility to pay in 2 installments of 339 dollars (16,000 Dominican pesos approx.)





Benefit only to the patient subscribed with this paypal button, is given the facility to pay in 3 installments of 240 dollars (11,333 Dominican pesos approx.)


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