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Zabdy Spa, is a Weight Control Center, located in the Dominican Republic, which has a Specialized Personnel in Obesity. We have a doctor, Nutritionists, Alternative Medicine (Natural), High Technology Aparatology to burn localized fat, and more.


The majority of the world population lives in countries where obesity claims more lives of people than underweight. The life expectancy of people suffering from this disease is similar to that of a person with cancer.


An Obesity is an important risk factor for diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, heart disease and stroke that have been the main cause of death in recent years around the world, Diabetes, osteoarthritis, etc.


In our beloved Dominican Republic we are pioneers in this area, reaching thousands of people with a full program, educational, awareness, Discipline that creates a link between Specialist, Nutritional assistants, and a whole Team working together to achieve a goal, eliminating those pounds that neither with other diets or exercises, "magic pills" and deceptive advertising have achieved.

Zabdy Spa is the Weight Control Center with the most Before and After in the whole country (we invite you to visit our Facebook page, Zabdy Spa Nutri and Beauty), but for a long time they have requested our services from a distance. finally it is a reality, -in our Virtual Office, and you will find a new, different and real world in which you will be able to reduce from 20 to more than 100 pounds. GUARANTEED!!!



You are welcome, God bless you!

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